Self Monitored and Non Monitored

Non Monitored and Self Monitored alarm systems from €499:


Important Notice: Virtually all of the major insurers such as Axa, Allianz, Zurich, FBD etc have a specific notice on their policies indicating that alarm systems MUST have a live external siren. All the cheap €50 wireless systems from various big named suppliers do not include a live siren. If you receive a system for anything less than €500 then it does not include a live siren. If you purchase a cheap system without a live siren, you will not be covered by your insurer should you have to make a claim. You may be sold a policy, and you may pay a premium – but you will never be able to claim.

We also install Hikvision CCTV systems from €899.
Securigard have been rated best by The Sunday Independent and also recommended as best by The Irish Times.

The cheap alarm systems you see fro €50 do not make noise outside during a burglary and for that reason they are a total waste of money. The Gardai recommend a live external siren as they generally do not respond immediately.

We offer the very latest self monitored and non monitored house alarm systems. Our systems have an option to include outdoor beams, which detect intruders as they approach. They are also useful for protecting multiple vehicles, sheds and for preventing intruders from damaging your expensive windows and doors.

A cheap wireless monitored system will cost you between €2000 and €2500 in fees over sixty payments. Please also note that fees increase after your contract expires.  A non monitored system will cost you between €500 and €800 with no ongoing payments.

Phonewatch and the other cheap suppliers fit systems that do not even ring outside.

  • Securigard are rated best in the industry by The Sunday Independent and recommended by The Irish Times.
  • We offer both Wireless and Prewired non monitored or self monitored
    systems, with no attached fees.
  • It is best practice to fit a wired system in a new home that is prewired for a house alarm.
  • It is best practice to fit a wireless system in an older home.
  • Our non monitored systems can be controlled through an app. The app also notifies you in the event of a burglary allowing you to alert The Gardai yourself.
Securigard offer four different options for our self monitored and non monitored alarm systems
Prewired: Self – Monitored House Alarm systems with Hikvision App.

Price from €499.

Wireless: Self – Monitored House Alarm Systems with VisonicGo app.

Price from €590.

Prewired: Non – Monitored House alarm system

Price from €499.

Wireless: Non – Monitored House alarm systems.

Price from €590.

Self monitored alarm systems with app.

  • We supply both prewired and wireless self monitored house alarms.
  • We offer self monitored alarm systems which are controlled through an app.
  • The app notifies you in the event that the alarm activates.
  • As well as notifying you when the alarm activates, the app can also be set to notify you when children or loved ones arrive home from school or work safely.
  • Our VisonicGo app can also tell you the temperature of each area that contains a motion sensor. This is ideal for babies rooms or just general temperature monitoring.
  • Some customers place a camera and temperature sensor in the baby room and all are controlled through the app.

We offer two options:

Option One

Self monitored wire-free system:You pay a once off installation cost, and monitor the system yourself through our encrypted app.Read More >>

Option Two

Garda monitored wire-free system:Installation packages from €399. Monitoring and maintenance packages from only €24.92 per month and our fees are fixed for five years.Read More >>

Non monitored alarm systems.

  • We offer both prewired and wireless non monitored home alarm systems.
  • Non monitored alarm systems have no fees attached.
  • The house alarm systems simply ring both internally and externally in the event of an activation.
  • It says “monitored alarm” on the bellbox. The intruder doesn’t know whether it is monitored or not,and will generally avoid your home as he knows we employ live sirens.

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