Visonics wireless house alarms from €199 (full pricing below)

Securigard Alarm Systems was established in 1994 and has been recommended by The Irish Times “Price Watch” consumer affairs column (click here to read article) and rated best in the industry in several different surveys by the Sunday Independent (click here to read article).

Please do a Google search for Securigard and you can read some of our over 250 reviews on the Google my business platform. 

We do both Garda monitoring or self monitoring through App.

We are now offering the new Tyco Powermaster systems with PowerG technology, anti jamming, outdoor beams and a wirefree transmission range of 2.5 kilometres. This system is the most advanced system ever to enter the market.

Tyco own ADT and Brinks Security. With the outdoor sensors intruders can now be detected in your driveway or garden as they approach or before they damage your cars. Option to exclude driveway beam during the day!

  1. Self monitored wireless installation: Typical system from €650. Self monitoring through Powerlink module €150. No app fees if booked this week!! Our app is fully encrypted. Non encrypted apps are not secure.

  2. Monitored wireless installation: Installation €650 (up to 6 devices) and NSAI approved monitoring and maintenance from €24.00 per month.

More information below the videos!

1.Wireless Self Monitored Pricing:

  • Tyco Powermaster with FHSS anti jamming reduced from €850 to only €650 for a typical system. Voted best system at eighteen trade shows in 2018. Tyco own ADT and Brinks Security.
  • Powerlink module allowing you to use the VisonicsGO app now only €150 for a limited period. View alarm notifications and cameras through this great app. 

We cannot stress enough that we do both perimeter and motion sensor systems. We have a full range of perimeter devices including contacts, curtain motion sensors and outdoor curtain detectors that detect the intruder as he enters your garden.

Our biggest seller is a system with three motion sensors at €650. Motion sensor systems are the ideal system and the same sort of system present in most banks, art galleries etc. Motion sensors are a superior form of protection as they firstly they detect entry, and secondly but more importantly they verify the intrusion making sure the monitoring station (or app user) is sure it is not a false alarm allowing them to act quickly. Shock sensors on the other hand are an old form of protection and have a failure rate of 100% on tempered glass doors.

The argument that an intruder must be picked up at the perimeter is no valid. Perimeter devices such as shock sensors generally fail and intruders generally enter through the front door in any case and do not retreat when the alarm activates. They continue into the house and destroy the alarm panel. All systems have a sixty second time lapse from the moment the front door opens until the app or monitoring commences. Yes it is a sixty second delay on HKC and other systems. Tyco gives users the feature of turning off the entry delay and hence the app or monitoring commences immediately. Tyco systems are the only systems with this security feature. The facts speak for themselves. When an intruder enters through your front door Tyco systems communicate 60 seconds faster than all other systems. Just because you read something written on a forum or your local electrician recommends a system, this does not take from the facts that if your chosen system takes 60 seconds to commence communication and another does so immediately then the quicker one is infinitely superior.

Beware of what you read on forums as the moderators and contributors have an agenda. Tyco systems are the biggest selling systems in the world and they would not be used by all the large providers such as Brinks and ADT if they were not reliable. We have used both Tyco and HKC for twenty years and we consider HKC good for wired systems but when it comes to wireless no other product even comes close to Tyco.

Securigard use motion sensor systems in all our commercial installations as do all other big commercial installers but you would prefer a perimeter system we have an extensive range of perimeter devices including the new window curtain motion detector. We have an outdoor sensor that will cover your whole garden for €150. (pet tolerant)

The New Tyco Powermaster Self monitored System includes:

  • Tyco Powermaster panel/keypad. (anti jamming and wireless range of 2.5 Km)
  • Internal siren and external box with Securigard monitoring logo. 
  • Remote fob.
  • Panic Buttons x 2 (one on fob and one on keypad).

TOTAL €440.00 including vat and fitting. 

  • Add contacts on windows/ doors €50 each.
  • Add motion detectors from €70 each.
  • Curtain detectors on windows/doors €70 each. 
  • Outdoor motion sensor-  range 26 feet (can cover multiple windows) and pet tolerant €150.00. 
  • Optional touchscreen keypad similar to an iphone from €170.00
  • Camera PIR €170 –  sends images during an alarm activation and can send updated images at any time. (keep an eye on a loved one or a pet. When your teenage kids return from school alone you can receive images showing them entering and disarming the system ensuring no one forces their way inside when they open the door.
  • Self monitoring set up cost €150. Includes connection to the Visonic server which allows use of the VisonicGO app and camera PIRS etc. No ongoing fees!!
  • Note: If devices inc fobs are added at a future date after installation then most devices cost €100 plus 13.5% Vat. 

Recommnded Package: Our biggest selling system has three motion detectors located in the kitchen, hall and landing with the option to exclude the landing at night. Price for system and three motion sensors is €650. The devices are pet tolerant. You can self monitor through the VisonicsGO app. A Tyco system with three devices performs better than other systems with twenty three devices.

2. Wireless Monitored Pricing:

We fix your fees for five years while those offering only one year contracts increase your fees by 60% over three years going on past performance.

Tyco own ADT and Brinks Security Holdings and supply Siemens with wireless devices.

Monitored System includes:

  • Powermaster 10 panel/keypad. (anti jamming and wireless range of 2.5 Km)
  • Internal siren and external box with Securigard monitoring logo.
  • Two panic buttons – One on panel and one on fob.
  • VisonicGO app free.
  • Remote fob.
  • 4 motion sensors OR 2 motion sensors and 4 contacts.

Price €650 and Monitoring and maintenance from €24 per month or you can pay €199 for the same system and €40 per month.

Our price is fixed for five years while those offering one year contracts can increase your fees after year one.


Securigard have a dedicated maintenance division. We can provide telephone assistance in seconds and on site assistance when required within a couple of hours. Most providers will need a few days notice to arrange a site visit.

We advise our clients to check their insurer’s requirements regarding servicing and requirements (if any) regarding type of protection.

Once keypad and device locations are agreed and fitted and we have left site any alterations or add on will incur a call out fee. 

Information displayed on this website is for marketing purposes only and does not form a contract.

Please request a callback at any time (24 hrs) for a callback during business hours. 

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