Wireless House Alarms From €299. (full pricing below)

Securigard Alarm Systems was established in 1994 and has been recommended by The Irish Times “Price Watch” consumer affairs column (click here to read article) and rated best in the industry in several different surveys by the Sunday Independent (click here to read article).

Securigard Installation from only €650. Normal price €850. We do both Garda monitoring or self monitoring with no fees.

Unlike the cheap suppliers we use new modern equipment.  When you purchase a 2019 model of a car you do not expect to get the 2002 model. One of the biggest suppliers on the market is supplying a system that came out in 2002. 

Important: The cheap “sales company” type suppliers (as they are known) virtually all supply DIY systems that use old totally outdated technology and are actually plugged into a socket. Yes plugged into a socket? These systems are old and have been taken off the market in exchange for newer systems that the manufacturers’ have launched. Their business models are as follows. Find an outdated system that the manufacturer has no interest in and agree exclusive rights to the system. This prevents other suppliers from taking over the systems as they need access to a server which the manufacturer controls. The providers are now free to increase their fees as the consumer cannot switch providers.

There are approximately four “sales company” providers as they are known. Why not do a Google search for the systems they supply and you will see that the systems are no longer sold on the open market. 

Special Offer: The New Tyco award winning Powermaster system now from only €650 –  normal price €850. Tyco own ADT and Brinks Security Holdings.

Monitoring: NSAI approved monitoring and maintenance from only €20 per month.

Self Monitoring: Installation from €650 and self monitoring €220 with NO ongoing fees.

Current burglary trends:

  • When homes are empty intruders generally avoid your home because you have a modern alarm displayed at the front of your home.
  • Some intruders are not deterred. They enter through the front or back door, expecting the alarm to activate but their intention is to destroy the alarm panel before it sends a signal. Most systems do not start sending signals for 60 seconds when entry occurs through the front door. Most people think it is thirty seconds but it is sixty! Tyco systems have NO delay even on the front door.
  • Intruders who are deterred by alarms during the day often return after bed time. They work on the assumption that Irish people do not use their systems correctly at night. Irish people have misplaced confidence in the shock sensors they have been sold for their windows and doors. They leave off their motion sensors and think they are covered. After bed time intruders virtually always enter by breaking your patio door. If they open your front or back door your alarm will activate but if they come through the glass without creating a vibration the alarm will fail. Patio doors contain tempered glass which in itself is toughened. Tempered glass, however, has a weakness at the edges. All an intruder has to do is to put a screwdriver into the seal and apply minimal pressure. The safety glass breaks into tiny pebbles, creating no noise and no vibration. You then wake up to find your car has been stolen. If you use what is called a “curtain motion detector” this cannot occur. The curtain detector is a new product and can detect a magician who can walk through glass. 

Why are Tyco systems best?

  • Tyco systems have a curtain motion detector which detects entry through a window/door. Most suppliers are still using the outdated shock sensors which have a failure rate of virtually 100% when it comes to detecting entry through patio doors. These doors contain tempered glass which can be broken with little vibration and hense shock sensors fail. Curtain motion sensors on the other hand will detect a magician who can walk through glass!! Shock sensors also cause constant false alarms. Curtain sensors do not have this issue.
  • The Powermaster system was voted BEST at eighteen different international trade shows in 2018.
  • NB: This System notifies you immediately when entry occurs through front door – Other systems simply make a beeping noise when entry occurs through the front door and then have a further delay of 30 seconds just for good measure. This 60 seconds allows the intruder adequate time to destroy the panel. If the panel is destroyed your monitoring station or app will NOT be notified for a further 5 minutes bringing the total to 6 minutes.
  • This system boasts battery life of up to eight years – making it virtually maintenance free. Most other systems will require some battery replacements after two years.
  • This system is the ONLY system on the market with FHSS anti jamming software.
  • This system is the ONLY system on the market with FHSS anti code grabbing software.
  • This system is a professional system and not a cheap DIY system such as being offered by others. If your system is designed to be plugged into a socket then it is intended to be sold as a DIY system.

Award winning Tyco Powermaster with FHSS anti jamming and battery life of up to 8 years reduced from €850 to only €650 with a choice of Garda monitoring or self monitoring. 

When placed strategically three or four devices can protect the majority of homes. We couple this with our high speed GSM dialer with NO delays of any kind to ensure this system will perform better than all other systems.

This system has anti jamming and battery life of up to eight years. It was voted best system at eighteen different trade shows in 2018.

You can add perimeter protection to the system should you wish. This system boasts a special motion detector designed for use on windows and doors known as a curtain motion sensor. Shock sensors generally fail when intruders break patio doors as patio doors contain tempered glass which is very weak at the edges. Curtain detectors on the other hand are virtually impossible to bypass.

The New Powermaster System includes:

Tyco Powermaster panel/ keypad.

Internal siren and external box with Securigard monitoring logo.

Panic Buttons x 2 (one on fob and one on keypad).

Remote fob.

3 x motion detectors – Eg hall, kitchen and landing.

TOTAL €650.00 including vat and fitting. 

Extra motion detectors from €70 each.

Contacts on windows/ doors €60 each.

Curtain detectors on windows/doors €70 each.

You may Mix and match

– Many customers go for three motion sensors. Eg 3 x motion detectors with entire system from €650. (3 security devices of any kind).

Some may add another motion detector for the living room for €70. Some may wish to cover rear bedroom windows as they are accessible from the kitchen roof. Single opening windows are €60 and double opening windows are €70.

– Some customers prefer perimeter downstairs and in this instance you would generally opt for 2 x motion sensors and perimeter sensors on the accessible windows and doors. Eg 2 x windows + 2 doors + 2 motion detectors = 6 devices at an approximate cost of €800.

– Optional touchscreen keypad similar to an iphone from €199.

– Garda monitoring including maintenance from €250 per annum which equates to approximately €20 per month. (Please see terms on monitoring page

– Self monitoring is a ONCE off fee of €220. This is for our new high speed GSM dialer. There are no recurring manufacturers fees.

Note: If devices inc fobs are added at a future date after installation then all devices cost €100 plus 13.5% Vat.

Note: You must chose either Garda or self monitoring.


Battery life of Powermaster as specified by manufacturer :

PIRS 6 to 8 years

Curtain PIRS 6 to 8 

Contacts 6 to 8 years

Slimline contact (half the size of a credit card) 2 to 3 years.


Securigard have a dedicated maintenance division. We can provide telephone assistance in seconds and on site assistance when required within a couple of hours. Most providers will need a few days notice to arrange a site visit.

We advise our clients to check their insurer’s requirements regarding servicing and requirements (if any) regarding type of protection.

For cancellations – a cancellation charge of 50% of the installation cost will be incurred for any installation not cancelled by 6PM on the day prior to your appointment.

Once keypad and device locations are agreed and fitted and we have left site any alterations or add on will incur a call out fee. 

Monitored wireless customers benefit from a full maintenance backup service including site visits subject to terms. 

Information displayed on this website is for marketing purposes only and does not form a contract.

Please request a callback at any time (24 hrs) for a callback during business hours. 

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