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Pre-Wired Alarms now reduced from €695 to only €495 for a limited period only!

SPECIAL OFFER: From only €495.00 (For a limited period)

Very Very important regarding monitoring :

If your home is prewired most providers would recommend a wired system. There are three or four providers who only supply wireless as they can install in under an hour. They actually plug their systems into a socket and supply a dummy alarm box for the exterior. These providers supply extremely low quality wireless for very low prices, but they charge excessively high monitoring fees. One D16 supplier increased the fee charged to customers who joined them in 2015  by a whopping 60% when their three year contract expired.  (They were €25 per month in 2015 and now they are €40) You cannot switch from these providers as they supply a system that no other provider can maintain as they have exclusive rights to the systems they use.

Phonewatch retain ownership of all equipment supplied and will remove it if you fail to make payments. They use a dummy external box and are likely to increase your fee after year one when your contract expires.

These are the facts and should you ignore them while going for the cheap option we guarantee you that you will regret your purchase.

Example Securigard Wired System: From €495 if Garda Monitored and from €545 if self monitored or non monitored.

  • Control panel/keypad.  HKC (for monitored) or Hikvision-Pyronix  (for non monitored or self monitored). 
  • We use HKC for our monitored systems and Hikvision – Pyronix for our self monitored systems and there is no fee attached to our self monitoring on our Hikvision system. Hikvision Pyronix is the biggest selling system in Europe and is used by most big suppliers. There are over eighty approved Pyronix installers in Leinster and virtually all competent installers can repair Pyronix. Unlike some manufacturers there is no ongoing fee for self monitoring. Some manufacturers charge a fee for self monitoring and this fee is likely to increase as you do not have a contract.
  • Internal siren and live external siren with light and company logo.  We now have the new Pyronix backlit external box where the whole box illuminates as if there were a bulb inside. (No extra charge). This box contains a siren. Google search “Pyronix backlit bellbox” for more information. We normally charge extra for this box but it is now included for a limited period.
  • Contacts on 8 window or door openings. Extra openings are €20 each. (If your window has one opening then count it as one, if it has two openings then count it as two as so on. Count a set of french style patio doors as one opening and a front or back door as one.)
  • PIR motion detector.(Extra wired PIRS €40 each)
  • Backup batteries in panel and external bellbox.

Installation from €495.00 inc VAT and fitting for Garda monitored customers.

Installation from €545.00 inc VAT and fitting for non monitored or self monitored.

Self monitoring with GSM dialler €180 extra. No ongoing manufacturers fee with our Pyronix system. (Self monitoring on a HKC system normally incurs an annual fee!)

NSAI approved Garda monitoring from €250 per annum (approx €20 per month). This fee is payable annually in advance. Minimum three year contract with the price fixed. This works out at approx €5.00 per week. You are strongly advised to opt for this superior monitoring service. Most people are paying at least €25 per week  for their TV service! Gardai respond to monitored systems as monitored systems are registered with The Gardai and have a URN number. 

All monitoring is not the same as our monitoring is almost two minutes faster than most. We are rated best in the industry for monitoring by The Sunday Independent and furthermore we are recommended by The Irish Times Pricewatch. 

IMPORTANT: IF YOU REQUIRE MONITORING A THREE YEAR CONTRACT APPLIES – NO EXCEPTIONS. If you cannot commit to a three year contract then why not opt for self monitoring?

Note on apps:

App dialers are extremely cheap as their price is subsidized by the manufacturers. This is why certain providers push these dialers on their customers. Yes so as they can make more profits. The problem for you is that you will be paying a rental fee on something you do not really own. There is the likelihood that the rental charge will increase as you have no contract. App dialers cannot turn your system on if your windows are open and insurers do not want customers controlling their systems with their phones. Our systems reset after ten minutes meaning that the bells stop ringing but they will ring again if someone re enters the house. We do not charge an ongoing fee for our self monitoring.

A note on shock sensors: 

It is commonly accepted within the industry that shock sensors commonly fail to detect intruders and they cause frequent false alarms. Despite this some of the smaller providers are supplying false information regarding shock sensors.  Garda reports indicate that shock sensors commonly fail to detect intruders. Burglars remove glass panels or recently there is a trend where they place a screwdriver into the seal of the window and apply pressure. The glass breaks but creates no vibration nor noise. Securigard recommend that you build your system around motion detectors and that you use perimeter devices as a bonus. We use both Pyronix systems and HKC and contrary to what some installers would like you to believe shock sensors are available for both systems.


There is a utube video from one of our competitors demonstrating shock sensors. The guy demonstrates a shock sensor and a contact and explains the difference while both are in WALK test. What he fails to demonstrate is the shock sensor when in full alarm and not in walk test mode. The system he is demonstrating increases the sensitivity for test mode by multiples of its real sensitivity when in test mode. The detail in the video is so inaccurate and posted purely to deceive. In the Utube video he hits the window with a screwdriver. In real alarm mode he could drive a jeep through a patio door and it would not activate. Please look up Utube videos on the topic”breaking tempered glass” and you will see how easy it is to break (with proper knowhow) with little or no vibration and no danger of injury to the intruder. If tempered glass is attacked in a certain location it can be broken by a small child. One of our clients is a large glazing supplier and we have carried out extensive testing of this topic. We recommend that you build you system around multiple motion detectors and treat the perimeter as a bonus. We advise that you always use motion detection on the ground floor during sleeping hours.

Why do some providers use shock sensors if they do not work? They use shock sensors as they are easy and quick to install compared to contacts. An installer will save at least 1.5 hours per installation by using shock sensors. An installer using shock sensors should reduce their prices accordingly. Shock sensors are an old product and rarely used in The UK, Continental Europe or in The U.S. 

Once again to reiterate we recommend that the backbone of your system should be motion detectors and that the perimeter must be treated as a bonus. If you follow this advise your system will not fail and you will not experience false alarms.


If your wiring is over fifteen years old we would recommend you opt for a wireless system.  This is due to the fact that the wiring can deteriorate over time. Alarm providers will only warranty items provided. If you have an issue relating to your wiring after your new system is installed this will not be covered under warranty. If your installer checks your wiring on the day of the upgrade and it seems to be fine but then later on an issue arises relating to wiring, then this too will not be covered under warranty as your provider did not provide the wiring. Many providers fail to inform their customers and this leads to problems which are not easily rectified.

For cancellations – a cancellation charge of 50% of the installation cost will be incurred for any installation not cancelled by 6PM on the day prior to your appointment.

Information on this website is displayed for marketing purposes and does not form a contract.


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