Securigard Pre-wired Alarm Systems was established in 1994 and has been recommended by The Irish Times “Price Watch” consumer affairs column (click here to read article) and rated best in the industry in several different surveys by the Sunday Independent (click here to read article).

Pre-wired HKC house alarm systems from €450.

Please do a Google search for Securigard and you can read some of our over 300 reviews on the Google my business platform. 

WARNING: If your home is wired for an alarm it is best practice to fit a wired system. AVOID providers who supply cheap ,low quality wireless systems as these systems do not have an external siren. Furthermore some cheap wireless do not comply with the EN 50131 standard.

Securigard offer both HKC monitored home alarms and Hikvision Self monitored alarm systems.

A Typical pre-wired alarm System may include:

  • Control Panel/keypad. HKC for monitored and Pyronix for self monitored.
  • Internal siren and live external siren with light and company logo. 
  • Contacts on 8 window or door openings. Extra openings are €20 each. 
  • PIR motion detector.(Extra wired PIRS €40 each)
  • Backup batteries in panel and external bellbox.

Self Monitored alarm system €545. No ongoing fees. App option.

Monitored alarm system €499. Monitoring fee €24.92 per month with the fee fixed for five years.


  • Self monitoring with GSM dialer is a once off €180. No ongoing fees.

  • If you require an app for self monitoring the cost is €60 per annum. This Hikvision app can also be used to control CCTV cameras were you to include them later, allowing you to control all through the one app.

  • Garda monitoring from €24 per month paid annually. HKC WIFI/GSM dialer supplied by Securigard.

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The standard security system for a pre-wired home may consist of :

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