Securigard has been recommended by The Irish Times “Price Watch” consumer affairs column in July 2014 (click here to read article) and rated best in the industry by the Sunday Independent (click here to read article).

We have over 150 Google reviews for your reading from satisfied customers. Simply do a Google search for Securigard to see our Google my business platform. 

If you are offered a system for under €500 it is most likely a DIY system that is plugged into a socket. In our opinion many of these systems are not fit for purpose.

The cheap systems are virtually always locked to one supplier, meaning that you cannot switch or shop around when your price increases. Going on past performance your price is likely to increase by 60% on expiry of your contract.

Wireless Alarms: Securigard top quality Wireless system from €650. Monitoring and maintenance from €24 per month – Saving you €180 per annum in fees. Our fees are fixed for five years. Going on past performance many providers increase fees by 60% after year three.  We will save you approximately €1500 in fees over the first five years.

Prewired Alarms: Securigard top quality wired system with real live external siren from €499.

Self monitoring option NO FEES!! texts up to four mobile numbers upon activation – once off €180 with NO ongoing fees!

Securigard offer high quality wireless systems and we are one of few providers offering NSAI approved monitoring. We are the only providers in the Irish market offering systems with the New FHSS anti jamming and anti code grabbing! The Powermaster systems boast battery life of up to eight years. 

Our Powermaster systems are fully encrypted and move frequency 62 times per second making them impossible to jamm.

Customers often ask how we differ from some providers offering systems for €100 to €300.

  1. We do not plug our systems into sockets, as to do so would result in the system failing to comply with the EN 50131 standard.
  2. Our monitoring is NSAI approved. Many providers do not have NSAI approval.
  3. We do not prevent you from switching on expiry of your contract. Many providers maintain ownership and others deny access to the server required for monitoring.
  4. Our systems comply with the EN 50131 standard. Some of the cheap systems do not.
  5. Some providers supply systems that transmit on the outdated and unlicenced 433 Mhz frequency. We supply high quality systems that transmit on the licenced 868Mhz frequency.
  6. We offer a self monitoring option on expiry of your contract.
  7. We offer a live bellbox on all prewired installations, others offer a dummy box.
  8. We use high quality equipment while others supply systems that have been on the market for years. One big named supplier currently supplies a system that first came to the market over fifteen years ago.
  9. We offer out of hours backup support. Most low cost providers have no out of hours, weekend or holiday backup.

Information on this website is for marketing purposes only and does not form a contract.

Terms and conditions of Securigard Premium monitoring cover: 

1. The big battery change/check service which occurs on our Visonics systems roughly every 2.5 to 3 years is excluded and will still be charged at our normal rate. All other site visits on our Wireless Powermax systems will be free of charge. 
2. A sir-charge will apply to customers who live more than 45 minutes away from our office. (AA route planner timed).
3. Premium cover applies to our Visonics Powermax systems only. All other systems have a one year parts and labour warranty. Customers with wired systems can avail of remote maintenance only.
4. Premium cover is limited to systems initially installed by Securigard.
5. Site visits will be carried out free of charge where necessary and only to repair faults that cannot be rectified by our telephone support. Site visits are only free of charge on our Powermax systems.

6. All issues relating to Broadband, Wi-Fi, SIM cards, credit top ups and mobile phone provider network signals or failure of any kind are excluded. In the case where a customer has a ready to go SIM card in their system it is the customers responsibility to keep this SIM card topped up according to usage and according to the regulations of their SIM provider. In cases where a world Sim card is in use Securigard are not responsible for network failure, SIM card failure or failure of any kind.
7. Issues relating to power outages and power issues to your panel in general are excluded.
8. Issues relating to systems disconnected due to new windows, building works, new animals in the home etc are excluded.

9. To avail of our premium cover all battery changes must be carried out by Securigard. All systems must be checked by Securigard at a minimum every 2.5 to 3 years and this visit is charged at our normal rate. 

10. Customers are advised to inform Securigard immediately if a fault indicator illuminates on their keypad. If at any time a customer feels that they have a maintenance issue or indeed any other issue that has not been addressed to their satisfaction they must contact Securigard by email and document their issue.

11. All new customers must sign a direct debit mandate. All existing Powermax customers must sign a direct debit mandate in order to avail of of our premium monitoring cover. Should customers cancel their direct debit agreement their monitoring service will be suspended and or maintenance cover will be revoked and they will be charged for site visits (The bank notify us if a direct debit agreement is cancelled and if a direct debit is returned unpaid the customer agrees to pay a €10 admin charge). Just to be clear – no direct debit no monitoring.  All customers availing of our premium cover must sign a new three year monitoring contract on the next visit by a Securigard member of staff to your premises. If customers do not wish to sign a new contract all works will be charged for at our normal rate.

12. Securigard retain ownership of your entire system including all components until the final year’s monitoring fee as stipulated in your contract is paid in full. The customer grants Securigard it’s servants or agents an irrevocable licence to enter the customer’s property or curtilage thereof for the purpose of the removal of Securigard’s property in the event of failure to discharge any sum owed to Securigard on demand within seven days, or in the event that the customer cancels his or her monitoring on expiry of their contract period. If Securigard have to remove a system due to non payment during your contract period a fee of €200 plus VAT will apply. The following remain the property of Securigard indefinitely:  The GSM dialer, the lid and logo of external alarm sirens and  decoy boxes.

13. Customers must supply accurate contact details to our monitoring station by email and the provision of your monitoring service does not commence until you do so. The provision of your service will commence immediately upon receipt of these contact details. You do not have the right to cancel your service once it commences as the monitoring is paid for annually.

14. All customers must give Securigard thirty days notice in writing if they wish to cancel their monitoring service. If this notice is not given customers will be liable for a full years monitoring as the fee is paid annually. Customers must return the GSM dialer to Securigard by normal post within seven days after their renewal date and should they fail to do so they agree that they are liable for the cost of this unit that being €250 inc VAT. 

15. All  Securigard monitoring contracts are for a duration of three or five years. The period will be written on your contract. As stated above you may cancel after the period of your contract expires only, but you must give thirty days notice by email to [email protected]

16. All new customers agree to a minimum three year contract. Some customers agree to a five year contract. Fees paid annually in advance in one payment on date of installation and all future years are paid annually in one direct debit payment.

17. Customers are advised to check their insurer’s requirements regarding servicing. If their insurer requires their system to be checked even though it does not have a fault this visit will be charged for at our normal rate. Our premium cover covers unlimited site visits to repair faults only (subject to exclusions detailed above).

18. All new customers confirm in writing that they have read these conditions and all existing customers are emailed a copy of our terms each year prior to their renewal. By renewing your monitoring you are confirming that you agree to our terms and conditions.

19. Securigard has their  customers permission to handle their data relating to phone numbers, email addresses, name , address , bank details and indeed any information necessary  to carry out it’s duties as a monitoring provider. Furthermore Securigard has the customers express permission to pass on this information to any licensed monitoring station and or to sell our customer contracts to another licensed provider at any time including during your contract period. Securigard may assign any of it’s rights or obligations under the agreement without the customer’s consent.


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